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African Jewellery Traditions

The history of jewellery in Africa is a rich and vibrant one. 54 stunning nations make up the continent of Africa, and each has a unique history to share. From northern African nations like Morocco and Egypt to the very south of South Africa, each country in this vast continent uniquely contributes to the colorful history of African jewellery and accessories. 

Beaded Necklaces

The beaded necklace is one of the most well-known styles of traditional African jewellery. Since ancient times, beadwork has been a thriving industry, and African beads are among the most exquisite in the world. Beaded necklaces come in a wide range of hues and designs, and both men and women can wear them.


Also, there are several different earrings that are preferred by Africans. While some of them do, others do not have screw backings. Dangling earrings, earrings with a bent post, and large hoop earrings are a few of the more well-liked varieties.

Head Jewellery 

Traditional African head jewellery comes in a wide variety of styles. Men and women can both wear headbands, crowns, and other accessories.


The anklet is another well-liked style of traditional jewellery from Africa. Anklets, which are worn on the ankle, are frequently made of metal, wood, or beads. Many individuals wear them to display their ethnic background and because they may be highly decorative.


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