August - September Influencer Partnership Tier 3

We'd love to work with you!

If you've been sent this page by an Aphrolux colleague it means we adore your style and content and would love to partner with you.

We'll provide you some fabulous free jewellery to go with your style and you'll be paid a flat fee of £200 for all the content you create!

All we ask from you is:

2 tagged Instagram posts showing off your stunning new Aphrolux Jewellery

3 tagged Instagram reels (1 jewellery unboxing video, 1 video styling our jewellery and another video with your own content idea) 

Content can be posted in any order within 180 days of signing your influencer agreement, however, we do require you to send us the raw, unedited files of the content requested within 30 days of receiving your jewellery 

Do let us know if you have your eye on any particular jewellery pieces and we'll get that sent right out to you!

All the influencers we work with will automatically be signed up to Brand ambassador programme which includes 15% commissions on sales, quarterly free gifts and much, much more (you can choose to opt out of this). Click here to find out more about our the Aphrolux Brand Ambassador Programme 


Have over 1000 followers 

Have a public account on Instagram and/orTikTok

Be able to tag you in relevant content and partnerships 


Terms on Conditions 

Influencers must have a UK registered address (for the ease of sending the jewellery through the post), a UK bank account and must be over the age of 18. We will ask for proof of this before sending an agreement. 

After signing your influencer agreement with Aphrolux, will send you £50 via BACS using the details you have supplied to us. We will pay the remaining £150 roughly 35 days after the first payment or once you have sent us the required content and have posted all the required content on social media.

Posting the required content and sending us the raw files will speed up the time taken for you to be sent your second payment of £150

By entering this partnership you agree to give Aphrolux full usage of the images and videos you supply to us. This gives us the right to re-work, edit, reuse and repurpose your content across all forms of print and digital media (leaflets, social media, affiliate campaigns, online etc.)  

The influencer is free to create more than the requested amount of content around our jewellery, however, we are not liable to pay for any additional content you create unless you have specifically agreed and negotiated an additional  rate for extra content.

Failure to provide us with the right content (of the required quantity and quality) will result in charges being brought against you. If the influencer fails to comply with the required content requests they will be demanded to pay back the initial £50 payment and the RSP price of the jewellery that was supplied. Failure to do this will result in legal proceedings.